welcome to thy world

April 17, 2010

yes that is me.beat that xin wei (: i have a nicer introduction than you

i have a photograph

it may be weird but im watching home and health about pregnancy.drinking canned longan syrup at the same time.increase of sugar level would be good

currently its about this lady.who is 41 and this doctor injected five embryos into her fallopian tubes.another documentary…this lady really wants natural birth but it seems that she would have to undergo a C-Section

it scares me you know…C-Sections

my aunt underwent one almost two months ago and out came my baby cousin.his absolutely adorable

well one fact about me :


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Hello, world.

April 17, 2010

Hello world 😀

I BEAT ISABELLA TO THE FIRST POST ON THIS BLOG 😛 (Which is gonna be dead cuz I don’t think anyone is gonna read it ._.) Haha. Created this blog cuz I felt bored and Isa agreed to it. 😀

Anywayyy, my right arm is sorta swollen >:| Like it’s damn hard and bulky like some buff person’s arm, except it hurts damn bad. Fug all the throwing Coach Francis made us do in tb ): I can’t even hold up a bag of chips, its like I’m holding a 2kg medicine ball :X URGHHH. HOW TO GO PEI TONG ON MONDAY T-T